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Wines of the San Juan

 Wines of the San Juan

What could compliment your stay at the Enchanted Hideaway better than a bottle of fine wine? Visit the Wines of the San Juan Vineyard and pick up a few bottles and you will literally have something to write home about! The Wines of San Juan has become so popular that they now offer wedding venues and customized picnics to customers worldwide, so you might want to call ahead!

 A Vinyard That is Out of the Ordinary!
Wines of the San Juan: (505) 632-0879

Just 10 minutes from the Enchanted Hideaway Lodge, The Wines of San Juan will make you fall in love with their wines, heart and soul.

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 (505) 632-2634

P.O.Box 6567
1593 Hwy 173
Navajo Dam, NM 87419

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