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 Travel through ancient lands

Just looking out the window of your room at the Enchanted Hideaway Lodge you can see back in history where the Anasazis roamed the territory and fished the plentiful waters of this land. Experience the days of yesteryear while you become acquainted with Ancient American Indian Culture and the rare remiders of the past that only exists in New Mexico.

Aztec Ruins in New Mexico

Aztec Ruins

Experience a rare opportunity to explore ancient Anasazi ruins that are thousands of years old. Learn how the Ancient Puebloans constructed their dwellings, view different types of Anasazi pottery, musical instruments, learn the secrets of native plants and gain insight into their culture.

Salmon Ruins in New Mexico

Salmon Ruins

This Chacoan city was built over 1000 years ago and was once the site of over 150 dwellings, most of which contained 4 rooms each, much like a modern home. Buildings were as tall as 3 stories, the most prominent being the great kiva in the central plaza. The abandonment of this city remains a mystery that needs further exploration.

 Just Minutes Away From History

Some of the most treasured ancient ruins in North America are just a short drive from the Enchanted Hideaway Lodge. Both of these local ruins can be explored in a convinent day trip from the Enchanted Hideaway Lodge. Feel free to  contact us if you need help planning the best driving route or have any questions!

 Map to the Aztec Ruins
 Map to the Salmon Ruins

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San Juan River Trout

Centrally located between the world famous Quality Waters and public waters of the San Juan River, The Enchanted Hideaway is the ultimate New Mexico fishing destination!

Fish the waters with one of our experienced guides!

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